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The Well

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The well is A safe space for you to get to know yourself better and have full permission to be yourself. Whether you are coming for yoga, meditation, a workshop or treatment, you can always find a sense of wellness at the Well.


Founded by two women passionate about community and movement, the Well was created to unify those passions under one roof and give it a home to grow.


Why ‘The Well’? Well, we see it as a space where you can come to make a wish. To fill up your cup. To “re-source” yourself and get grounded. To feel a sense of wellness that leaves you wanting to come back time and time again. It’s also a place where the community meets and grows together.

The Well is a place to practice yoga, meditation, essentrics, host or attend a workshop on wellness, purchase yoga props (we are an official Manduka reseller!), and gather as a community.


See you on your mat!

Jaime & Valerie


Meet Our Instructors

The Well provides a variety of yoga styles taught by a group of experienced, knowledgeable & inclusive teachers with diverse Areas of Expertise. Get to know them below.


Gentle yoga, Slow & Fire Flow 

Jaime Moar


Jaime was born and raised in Knowlton, where she grew up working and now co-owning Marina Knowlton with her father. She started teaching yoga when she took A training in 2009 called Yoga For The Special Child. Jaime dove into teaching kids and people of all ages with special needs. Since then, she has taken many more training, including hatha yoga, prana flow, yin yoga, yoga at the workplace, and more. She loves making yoga accessible to all. Especially to those who think yoga ‘is not for them’! Jaime is also an alignment & business coach and a human design reader. Her core values are fun and connection, and she likes to weave both of those into her teachings at The Well!

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Yin Yoga, hatha Vinyasa

Andie Price


Having Grown up in Ontario, Andie then moved to Asia, where she learned Thai Massage and Yoga (500 hrs in Thailand and India) and many other healing modalities. In 2018, she settled here in Quebec, and began her own business in 2020, called Mudra Metta Wellness, which means ‘taking care of yourself first, then taking care of others.’ Andie is passionate about self-care and encourages everyone to fill their own cups as a first priority. Andie has over 13 years of Thai massage experience and 6 years of experience teaching yoga (vinyasa, Hatha, and yin) and is thrilled to start teaching regularly at the Well!

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Mommy-Baby Yoga, yin/Yang

Stéphanie Théorêt


Stephanie has been a yoga teacher for over 11 years and is a massotherapist in polarity and a doula. With a passion for human beings and movement, she has multiple certifications, including restorative, therapeutic, post & prenatal, and yin yoga. 

Through her own recovery of power over her life, the healing of ailments such as arthritis, and deep emotional suffering, she has experienced the tools she offers, and she faced her shadow and her vulnerability, as well as her resources, light, joy and empowerment.

She supports the being towards a connection to a quest for meaning, to the connection to its resources, and towards physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. She also shares the teachings of cycles, seasons, femininity, and moons.

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Megan Gendron


Megan is a certified yoga and pilates teacher since February 2018 and she loves music and teaching yoga. According to Megan, music and yoga together is the perfect pair. Additionally to being a teacher, Megan loves to travel around the globe. With experience teaching hatha, flow and yin. 

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Ashtanga & restorative Yoga

Valérie Vincent


Valerie started her yoga journey when she first discovered vinyasa yoga over 10 years ago, bringing her to discover Ashtanga Yoga and the benefits of this 8-limb practice. She often says that this yoga style provides a solid foundation for her mental health. Valerie has 2 Ashtanga teacher trainings under her belt and continuously attends more training and workshops to broaden her knowledge further. She also completed a teacher training in Restorative Yoga and yoga nidra. She thrives on sharing with her students the therapeutic effects of regular yoga practice and lives to grow and nurture a wellness community in Lac-BROME. Her teaching style can be described as diligent, inclusive and alignment-focused.

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Chair Yoga

Cindy Cleary


Passionate about life, the human body and well-being, Cindy undertook her Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training 200-hour certification in 2018 and then took several trainings to deepen her knowledge further. With her deep interest in making yoga accessible to everyone, Cindy undertook a course to make yoga accessible to children with difficulties and the elderly. She teaches with inclusivity and diversity in mind, ensuring her classes are safe, engaging, and fun for all.

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Virginie Roy


Virginie discovered the magnificent Essentrics method in 2017-2018 as a client. Being a massage therapist, good posture and solid but flexible stabilizing muscles have always been important in her eyes. Shortly after, I also wanted to teach classes so that even more people would know this training method. “Being in movement” is the key to a healthy life.

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